What’s cookin’, fam? Welcome to my food blog and journals, Indischeessenz!

My name is Jhili, and I am the proud mother of two little humans, Ahaan and Ivanna. My family and I reside in Frankfurt, Germany. I embrace life with enthusiasm and positivity, always wearing a smile on my face.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been chasing my foodie dreams as a hobby chef and food blogger. My culinary passion runs deep, thanks to my mom and grandmom- who taught me the ways of the kitchen. I’m all about flexing my creative muscles and putting a funky spin on boring old dishes.

I’m a food-conscious friends! Ain’t no market-bought, frozen, or processed grub in my crib. I cook up fresh, nutritious meals every day for my fam. If you’re down with my vibe and wanna join my journey to healthier eating, hit that follow button!

Hosting people, and making new friends are my jam, and nothing makes my heart sing like feeling the love. Gardening is my vibe, and having my own little green nook is everything. My insatiable wanderlust drives me to discover the local flavor and customs wherever I journey.

So, let’s get cookin’ some scrumptious, healthy, and speedy meals together! I’m crossing my fingers that my food will spark some culinary inspiration for you to share with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to check me out on Insta, Facebook, and Pinterest at Indischeessenz for a peek at my culinary creations.